Since Caesar and Hadrian

Indeed the Grand Auxerrois vineyard can be traced back to the 2nd century thanks to relics wich have been found in the village of Escolives-Saintes-Camilles. With that heritage it would be easy to say that our family shares roots and its bloodline with the Romans. One sure thing is that they gave us the "César" grape variety which we are still using today as part of our Irancy wines and that the Verret Family agricultural story starts a bit further down the history line in 1750.
In 1850 the Yonne region was covered with 40.000 hectares, compared to 8.000 hectares today. The phylloxera crisis has indeed damaged and decimated a vineyard that was a renowned purveyor to courts and capital cities in Europe.
Thru crisis and wars the challenge of making wine is taken up by the Verret familly by replanting the vineyard a vine stock at a time. In 1956, when everyone is selling in bulk to the négociants (traders), Georges and Josiane Verret already are thinking ahead, like we are still doing today, and are increasing the value of the production by bottling.
The name Verret then starts to be known and recognized and today is paired with the quality of the great Burgundy wines finest expressions. The generations working today on the Domaine share this vision and this know how by growing 60 hectares of wines and offering all the terroirs have to offer.
Today and tomorrow our story goes on, the ambition is the same and passion is intact.